Wholesale Account Application

  • I/We understand that this application does not create a binding legal agreement or an invitation to treat and the application can be rejected at any time without further recourse should it not satisfy stringent legal and industry requirements.

    I/We also agree to provide commercial business references to satisfy the supplier’s commercial due diligence requirements should this be deemed necessary to verify and substantiate the intended use.

    I/We can confirm that all the information disclosed and prescribed on the form below is legally and factually correct and may represent an inducement for contractual relations. Any information that is subsequently deemed to be false, inaccurate or misrepresented and which was reasonably relied upon in entering into any subsequent supply agreement will be an actionable tort in accordance with any indemnity.

    I/We confirm that I/we are duly authorised to complete this application on behalf of the business entity and have the implied authority to make statements herewith.

    I/We confirm that I will provide any further information required to prove the legitimacy of this information should I be reasonably asked to do so.

    All information required in this form is mandatory and I/we understand that any missing information will result in this application automatically being rejected.

    By filling out this document, I/we are consenting that the information provided will be kept on or file in accordance with GDPR requirements. However I/We understand that at the request of the police information about an order may be divulged if there are concerns that the product is being misused or resold under illegal circumstances and therefore disclosure is necessary for the prevention or detection of unlawful acts.


  • Tick all applicable
  • Tick the sectors that apply
  • How do you currently promote/generate leads to find customers for the legal supply of Cream Chargers? Please provide weblinks where necessary.
  • Can you outline the full range of business models that you operate to distribute Cream Chargers. Please also confirm their intended use?
  • Do you or do you plan to sell the Cream Chargers at retail? If so, please confirm in explicit detail all the avenues you will sell the goods and how you will ensure that the goods are not misused
  • How do you check the due diligence processes of your customers? Evidence may be required. We will also need the guidance notes and policies you require your customers to follow and a copy of your operating terms and conditions to assess your legal framework.
  • Please confirm what policies and procedures you have in place in respect of the Bribery Act 2010 and prevent any breaches under section 7 Bribery Act 2010. Please also confirm you have appropriate measures in place to ensure their exists appropriate prevention procedures to detect tax evasion



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    Please enter the person deemed as the ‘buyer’ for this wholesale account / purchase.